The Book of Truth

The Book of Truth, subtitled Dogma For The New Age, is a collection of essays about the state of the world and the souls in it.

Some advance reviews are excerpted here:

Extremely loud and incredibly close. Everything is illuminated!
– Jonathan Safran Foer

Reads seamlessly, fearlessly, breathlessly, ziplessly. A truly momentous literary fuck.
– Erica Jong

On a per-phrase basis, this impressive work of mind-boggling economy almost requires more footnotes than anything I’ve set to paper.
– David Foster Wallace

Finally, someone to avenge most of Fenimore Cooper’s literary offenses, as well as those of all the other sad excuses for literary men. Show ‘em how it’s done!
– Mark Twain

Were it not for the sea, and even surfeit, of wisdom and insight in this shining example of Art, we would suggest its brilliant Author be flogged publicly for his overweening temerity and bold disregard of decorum. Alternatively, the Publick may consider subsidising the construction of a bronze statue—possibly equestrian—in a centrally located London square to commemorate the rising of this new star in the English-tongued literary firmament.
– Jonathan Swift

Love-related essays from The Book of Truth may be read here:

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